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I'm Ollie Flintlock...Nice to Meet You


Meet Ollie Flintlock, an eleven year old 5th grader who sees and hears everything amplified. He's compassionate, curious, and let's not forget uniquely intelligent. He's filled with opinions. Always asks questions. Not one day goes by without him letting you in on the latest update of his video game in the making.

But wait - there's one more thing you should know about Ollie. He has been medically diagnosed as having a condition known as Asperger's Syndrome Disorder. And this one piece of information slightly skews all of the other information I’ve given you, because with Asperger’s, Ollie's perspective of the world holds a special kind of view.

I’m Ollie Flintlock takes you on a tour of the world through the mind of Ollie. It puts you in his shoes, takes you on a roller coaster ride of a lifetime - a ride filled with happiness, sadness, and overall sheer amazement. Come along, meet Ollie Flintlock. He’s certainly waiting to meet you. 


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