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About Us

We are a company focused on words:



  • As an editor we provide our clients w/superior service by assuring that what they want to say and what is written are one in the same. We take their original, draft, or idea and turn it into nothing short of perfection. Our motto, "Get Your Word Out - The 'Write' Way!", expresses our ultimate desire and goal. 
  • As an author we aim to provide readers with fictional works that tell a story and build upon the reality that hope is powerful and life is worth living.
  • As an entrepreneur we like to utilize our 'lover of words spelled correctly' persona to expose individuals to products and services that improve the overall verbal and grammatical facets of one's life..


 We were established in 2009 originally under the name of Greentay Pencraft and are led, owned, and operated by Tanya D. Green, an expert in the fields of both writing and editing. She is well versed with the demands of aTDGNation. Her expert knowledge renders her work almost effortless, allowing for the offering of the best deals at the lowest prices in the market. She is committed to her clients and her goal is to always achieve their grandest satisfaction.